Cyprus has more than 3000 thousand years of history and culture and many of the island’s treasures are on the revered UNESCO Word Heritage List. The country is one of the most beautiful islands of Eastern Europe, offering sunny beaches and is a great place for a family to reside mainly due to the genuine local hospitality, low crime figures and high quality of life.


Cyprus is a well-established business location known for its neutral tax regime, investor friendly business culture, highly educated work force, solid banking system and legal system.

The Cyprus Republic is a state member of the European Union since 2004 which offers the country a great prospective in all aspects of quality of living, stable health care system, internationally recognised education system and a liberal economy. Cyprus population is counted in 2017 to be 847.000.  The vast majority of residence are Greek Orthodox (78%) and around 18% of Muslim.


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Capital city

nicosia walls

Nicosia is the capital city of Cyprus and located in the center of the island. Nicosia is a business hub and hosts many local and international firms and companies. The capital city of Nicosia hosts the major government departments and services.

Nicosia's old town picturesque streets are world famous for their architecture bursting with history, historical museums and local galleries. A vibrant city with the historical past of major European civilizations blending in harmony with the city’s modern era creating a unique city to reside and work in pleasant and stress free atmosphere. Exclusive restaurants, boutiques, wineries, cocktail bars and artisan coffee shops are all over the town, whilst 10 minutes away from the city center you can visit the Mall of Cyprus. The city is also well known for its open markets bursting with traditional products, fresh fruit and vegetables, and antiques shops.


Alive and luxurious on a coastline

limassol pier

Limassol is the second largest city and has its own business hub with many international shipping; trading and financial companies located here, all this contributing to the city’s cosmopolitan aura.  A brand new marina hosts some of the most expensive yachts along with great international cuisine restaurants, bars, exclusive suites and private residences. The city is well known for its fresh fish restaurants.

Limassol combines tradition with modern nightlife and countless dining choices by the sea and hosts some very famous archaeological monuments and medieval castles as an attractive destination for many visitors.  Some of the best hotels on the island are located in Limassol and the city has major development projects in the field of tourism with resorts and golf courts as well as business centers. Limassol is also the biggest port in Cyprus and one of major shipping hubs in the Mediterranean Sea.


Charming and relaxing by the sea.

larnaka salt lake

Larnaca is the oldest city of Cyprus and one of the oldest trade centers of the world. Larnaca is located on the south side of the island and hosts naturally preserved beaches, hotels, restaurants, beach bars and the Cyprus International Airport.  It is a vibrant city with famous historical sites, lovely countryside and a continuous development that attracts numerous visitors every year. The city of Larnaca is the most developed city in recent years with many newly built hotels and continual public projects that have transformed the city to an ideal destination for visitors.   

Larnaca offers nice hotels, excellent fish taverns and sushi bars and an all-around hot spot like the Mackenzie area where the beach meets the best restaurants and bars offering a great day and night experience.


Culture, history, development and exclusivity

paphos castl

Paphos located on the western side of the island and is one of the most historical cities of Cyprus with more than 2500 years of history. The city of Pafos is home to the mythical legend of Aphrodite’s Rock and attracts visitors from around the globe in admiring the birthplace of the mythical goddess. Paphos combines wild natural beauty and many historical monuments and is a quiet place to live.  Many people from all around the world choose Paphos for their retirement for its low traffic, clean air, quiet beaches and natural beauty and pure locals.

Golf courses, exclusive resorts and residences are all over the district that combines wild mountains and seaside. Development projects are always available in Paphos due to the fast growth of the city and the need to host high profile residents from all over the world. 


Gold sand and crystal water


Famagusta is located on the east side of the island. The Famagusta town is not accessible since 1974 after the Turkish invasion and is now considered the Ghost City of Cyprus.

The Famagusta district though hosts the most beautiful attractions of the island. The seaside is well developed with the well-known resorts of Ayia Napa and Protaras as attractive vacation destinations in Europe. Some of the beaches in this area are voted the best in Europe and have been awarded the Blue Flag with gold sand and crystal clear turquoise waters that make the Famagusta beaches the best on the island.  The Famagusta area is the home of world famous resorts by the sea and is highly regarded for its quality of holidays offered to visitors from all over the world, with nightclubs and international cuisine restaurants being voted as the best of the tourist destinations in Europe.


The largest mountain range in Cyprus

mountain range

Cyprus has also a picturesque mountain range with beautiful pine forests and historical monuments.

The mountain of Troodos offers great views and with an altimeter of 1952 meters and is a great winter vacation destination offering great wild paths for trekking as well as winter sport activities on heavy snow.

The island has a long wine production history.  Wine has been produced here for the last 2500 years. Troodos is home to the major wineries producing wines admired all over the world attracting many visitors wishing to taste Cyprus exclusive wine ranges and traditional food.