new online platform of the Tax Department for Cyprus

An online tax tool for citizens and businesses, as well as their representatives, such as accountants and business services providers.

income tax declaration

Income Tax return and Tax payment extension date.

influencer tax

Taxation is something every social media icon should be aware and nothing to be left unattended. The last decade there has been an explosion of influencers and icons with some of them focusing totally in the growth of popularity and income from sponsored content.

tax credit for property owners

Tax credit legal amendment for property owners that rent to third parties and voluntarily reduce their rent collection amount.

lessons we learned from the crisis

There is always a bright side after any crisis. These are the lessons we learn helping us to become stronger and smarter from our experiences, ready to face the future.

consumers behaviour in pandemic

In a period of pandemic, is absolutely natural that most of the consumers are worried about the health of themselves and their close people.Those radical changes on their routine and the loss of stability drive consumers to adopt new behaviors.