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Best selling tips if you want to sell anything to anyone.

Everything is a sales action. We are all salespersons – weather we will dress up nicely for a gala dinner, trying to convince others to do something or impress people at an interview. Everything has to do on how we position ourselves. In this article some of the best salespersons reveal how you can become a great salesperson.


Passion on what you are selling. Kara Golding.

The best salespeople have true passion on what they are selling. If you really know your product, if you are a real expert then is very easy for you to be authentic to your approach. The communication and the sales approach becomes a second nature to you. Kara advices that is important to make an emotional connection with the buyer by spending some time to really understand who they are and what they want. If you truly try to fulfil their needs with care, then the initial sale becomes a long-term customer.


Sell by listening not by talking. Dan Lok.

According to Dan Lok the No.1 mistake salespeople make is they tend to talk too much. Don’t sell with your mouth – sell with your ears! Its all about listening, not talking. It is essential that you ask questions to begin the conversation that will help you discover your prospect’s needs. What their pain points are? Ask the right questions. Many salespeople are pushy but good ones, don’t push, they pull. They try to pull as much as they can from you. Great salespeople try to uncover the problem and present the solution. The sale at the end is the natural solution. Follow this principle and your prospect should be thanking you afterwards.


Mindset and beliefs. You can sell anything to anyone. Katrina Ruth.

According to Katrina, success is 100 percent mindset. Then follows the strategy. You have to cultivate the believe that you can sell anything to anyone. Make sure that what you are selling is of great sale and value. Then use your message to connect people to what they believe and what really matters to them. We people tend to connect better with emotions. Believe in what you sell and believe that this is the right thing to do. Let them know that is better for them as well.


Be the seller you would buy from. Dottie Herman.

The best salespersons don’t just sell their product or service, they sell themselves. If people don’t like you or trust you, they will never buy from you. Anticipate your prospects needs and do whatever it takes to meet them. Best salespersons always try to overdeliver. Be flexible, accommodating, tough but fair as well. Both sides should walk away feeling great with the transaction. Handling a sale professionally and with integrity, will help you not only earn money but also, gain trust, make friends and build up your business for the future.


Create urgency. Mark Bloom.

Practise and learn how to legitimately convey or create a sense of urgency. The more urgency the buyer has, the faster you will close the deal. Mark Bloom says, when people believe they have time to act, they will almost always take it. Show them the downside of wasted time and that there is a limited supply. Let them know any demand in the market or prepare them for possible delivery time. Explain to them that their reluctance to act may cost them the value they look for, if competitors act first.


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