Cyprus is becoming one of the top emerging investment fund centers in Europe, offering unique access to high-growth markets.

greek residency visa

The Greek government has announced recently the extension of the golden visa program, implementing new legal amendments for the interested third country individuals.

Cyprus government has introduced a package of incentives to encourage film producers from all over the world to consider filmmaking in the country.

European citizenship for british

European Citizenship after Brexit? British look for a dual citizenship and EU residency and Cyprus is one of the most famous destinations. Many British citizens are looking into ways to keep their European Citizenship after Brexit so they consider Cyprus Investment program.

cyprus headquarter center

The country has made big developments in industries such as tourism with many developments like golf resorts, marinas, luxury residences and skyscrapers.Incentives are also given for startups formed or transferred to Cyprus from third countries (Startup Visa).

start up incentives

The program allows entrepreneurs or a team from countries outside of the EU and the European Economic Area to reside in Cyprus with the purpose of establishing, operating and developing their startup with a great growth potential under the EU umbrella.