villas to buy in cyprus

Projects all around the island like villas, penthouses and luxury apartments are available. Choosing the right property according to your needs is not always easy. The Residences at Minthis are a collection of unique, customisable homes, designed to be an emotional response to the extraordinary surroundings.

intellectual property in Cyprus

The country is a great jurisdiction for registration of intellectual property as it combines the copyright protection laws of European Union with the signed treaties and protocols that the republic has signed.

Cyprus citizenship scheme

The Cyprus citizenship acquisition is one of the fastest procedures available and usually takes six months to completion. The passport holder can then benefit from various advantages such as free travel to 180 countries, free move of capital, live and work under the umbrella of EU.

business in Cyprus

Many international businesses are relocating in Cyprus to setup a company, a branch, a holding company or other structures like partnerships and trusts. There are many factors that make Cyprus an attractive environment for doing business.

cyprus passport

For wealthy individuals CY passport offers business opportunities, tax advantages, a gateway to a different lifestyle, opportunities to work or travel around the world without any restrictions.

best startups in the world

Who are the leader startups in the world and from which countries startups usually pop up?