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Company Formation ,Cyprus Company

Considering company formation in Cyprus or re-domiciliation of your company or operations in the country? This is how our firm can assist you.

If you are thinking to move your operations or register a Cyprus company our, firm can assist you providing all the required services and support in order to start your operations fast and smoothly.

International and local businesses trust our consultants with years of experience, ensuring smooth transition, no time wasted and minimizing any risks of such process which sometimes can be complex. Formation or Re-domiciliation of a company. Below we state the basic stages of the process our firm can assist you to start operating.

Structure of the entity and planning.

After the initial meeting or teleconference with the client, our consultants suggest the most efficient structure of the entity. Coming up with the right ways of operation and healthy maintenance of the operating organisation in Cyprus. Also using the appropriate structure our advisors along with the business owners will decide on matters related to possible funding, market strategy, possible tax benefits for Cyprus’s tax regime and generally the financial planning of the newly formed organization.

Formation of the company.

Our firm then proceeds with registering the appropriate corporate entity or trust etc. We of course ensure the issuance of all relevant legal papers, articles of association and the registration to the Tax department. Also, the company is registered to any required governmental service providers or private. Finally, our firm will arrange the business bank account opening to a Cyprus bank or abroad of needed.

Offices of the establishment.

For any international entrepreneur, is not so simple to relocate or establish a new company in a foreign country. KTC Business Consultants will propose offices or operating premises, will take care of related licence of operations where needed, rental contracts or any other needs for the company to operate. Finally, our advisory department can suggest operation strategies, management, internal audit and accounting, bookkeeping and advise on any other matter.

General matters.

Taking the decision to register or re-domicile your company in Cyprus means you might have various kind of requirements or other special needs. Our firm can provide interviewing and hiring services on your behalf and arrange employment contracts with all the related matters such as registration of employees to local authorities, social contributions, a place to stay, amenities and schools for children.


For more information regarding the formation of Cyprus company you can visit this link. Also here you can learn more about Cyprus Tax and how you can benefit. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any enquiry or more information without any obligation. We will be happy to assist you.