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Cyprus as an international headquartering center.

More and more business are choosing Cyprus for their headquarters why? Cyprus is doing a very good job in become a great business center. The geographical position is basically a key to this success, as three continents crossing offer easy traveling of entrepreneurs between Europe, Asia and Africa. In addition very good and state of the art business premises are available and very good transportation infrastructure with almost zero traffic. Cyprus offers good telecommunication and fiber optic internet connections. Last but not least the manpower in Cyprus is educated and has developed a great expertise in the sectors of Finance, Taxation, Advisory, Immigration, Banking, Imports and exports and maritime. There are two main business centers, Nicosia the capital and Limassol that also hosts the main port that is one of the busiest ports in Europe and Mediterranean Sea.

Is also important to mention that the law system in Cyprus is based on the Anglo-Saxon right (Common Law) and together with the business and investor friendly and tax regime make the country a big player in the Eurozone’s business centers. European Union plays an important role for businesses, providing stability and regulations for the whole business system. The European umbrella is one of the most important reasons that Cyprus provides security to investors and businesses, since the environment is transparent and the law system impartial.

The country has made big developments in industries such as tourism with many developments like golf resorts, marinas, luxury residences and skyscrapers.Incentives are also given for startups formed or transferred to Cyprus from third countries (Startup Visa). Tax and visa benefits are provided to startup founders, investors and employees. The Energy sector is also booming after the discovery of natural gas in the Cyprus Exclusive economic Zone. In addition alternative energy is growing with solar parks popping up day by day. Cyprus is a country that offers full sunshine for almost 340 day a year.

To conclude this short Cyprus overview, we must say that the country is place where a family can live quietly under a warm climate, low crime rates, good healthcare and education system, some of the best beaches in the world and a Mediterranean cuisine and culture. The above reasons in addition with the European umbrella attract families and investors to reside here.