Cyprus corporate tax. The advantages and all the exemptions and deductions.

Cyprus tax regime is very attractive for professionals but of course for enterprises operating all around the world. The advantages and deductions offered make Cyprus’s Tax regime as one of the most attractive and competitive worldwide.

A big advantage of Cyprus is the fact that is an EU member, operating under a secure legal framework and protecting entrepreneurship while promoting organic business growth. The corporate tax rate of 12.5% is a huge advantage for any international entrepreneur. Enterprises that use Cyprus as a base for their operations having a registered office in the country, are considered tax residents of Cyprus. In addition to the attractive corporate tax rate, companies enjoy many other deductions and exemptions on expenses and tax loses relief.


Corporate tax exemptions


cyprus corporate tax exemptions


Corporate expense tax deductions


corporate expense tax deductions


Non-deductible corporate expenses


cyprus non deductible corporate expenses 


Losses carried forward

The tax loss occurred after a tax year and which cannot be set off against other income is carried forward subject to conditions and is set off against the profits of the next five years.


Losses carried forward-Group of companies.

The losses carried forward rule can be applied with the profits of another company (for the same year) of the group of companies – provided the companies are tax residents.


When is a company considered as a part of a Group of companies?

  • One Cyprus tax resident company holding directly or indirectly at least 75% of the voting shares of another Cyprus tax resident company.
  • Both of the companies are at least 75% (voting shares) held, directly or indirectly, by a third company.

As from 1 January 2015 interposition of a non- Cyprus tax resident companies will not affect the eligibility for group relief as long as such companies are tax resident of either an EU country or a country with which Cyprus has a double tax treaty or an exchange of information agreement (bilateral or multilateral).

A Cyprus tax resident company may also claim the  of a group company which is tax resident in another EU country, provided such EU company firstly tries the all possibilities available to utilize its losses in its country of residence or in the country of any intermediary EU holding company. A partnership or a sole trader transferring a business into a company can carry forward tax losses into the company for future utilization.


Losses from permanent abroad establishments.

Losses from permanent establishments abroad can be set off with profits of the company in Cyprus. Subsequent profits of an exempt permanent establishment abroad are taxable up to the amount of losses allowed.