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Emotional energy will drive your employees to top performance. Here is why.

Companies grow slow or don’t grow at all after years because a company cannot be one man’s show (director or CEO). Companies grow when employees are engaged, feel important and proud about what they are doing. They feel they have a purpose. The keyword here is FEEL. How your employees feel about your company or when they come at the office in the morning is the key to excel and perform at high levels. Having employees that work with a sense of pride for what they are doing will take the business to the next level.

Emotional energy drives employees to go above and beyond, regardless of external incentives such as compensation and benefits. Specific strengths that are sources of pride within a company feed this emotional energy, which in turn drives people to work harder towards bettering the organization. The sense of pride that comes from this achievement further fuels emotional energy, motivating people to strive for even further success. And so the cycle repeats.

Let’s see can example how this can work in an organization like a hospital.

An organization’s specific characteristics give the employees a sense of pride. Employees at hospital feel proud that their work enables patients to live longer, healthier and overcome health challenges.

The pride they feel creates emotional energy. In other words they feel they are doing something important and feel full filed. The emotional energy motivates people to work harder at making the organization better. They go the extra mile to create better outcomes for patients. They might come with innovative solutions to problems.

Success creates more pride to them and fuels more emotional energy to them. When they see a patient getting healthy they see firsthand results to their efforts. That makes them proud of the work they do.

This emotional energy inspires people to strive for further success. And the cycle repeats. Employees recommit to go above and beyond for their patients. They feel pumped and want to come up with more innovative ideas.

A very similar scenario can be applied to all businesses. Imagine this applied to startups, tech companies, marketing, sales sectors, product design etc.

To fully harness an organization’s emotional energy, it is imperative to link the goals of the organization to the things that make people proud to work there. If a new project is on, you must find a way for the employees to be involved and at the same time be engaged because the part they are doing is their favorite and feel proud when accomplished. If an employee feels proud when being a part of a project or accomplishment, it means that you made it.

The biggest challenge is to create a culture in your organization that everybody will feel like this. People needs to get involved to feel more important. Remember though that not all people are motivated with the same tasks or projects. A good review and discussion with your team members and employees will help you understand what and where their emotional energy is deployed.


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