sales tips

Sales tactics and environment have changed since the 90’s. Have you adapted yet? 

A wrong approach or bad calculations can literally take your product out of business. The pricing strategy requires a thorough research, calculations, consumer behavior examination and full break down of costs and labour. The best pricing strategy-method ensures that maximum profit is achieved.

why compaanies fail

We live in a time where almost 95% of startups never make it to become a solid profitable organization. Many managers and company owners underestimate the importance of having long term winning and money making organization.

steps to successful startup

This journey is going to be tough. Mistakes will be made. That is fine. You have to be prepared and make less mistakes. Trial and error is a great way to learn, but having a path to follow until launch is a must strategy to success.

emotional energy at work

How your employees feel about your company or when they come at the office in the morning is the key to excel and perform at high levels. Having employees that work with a sense of pride for what they are doing will take the business to the next level.

successful hiring

Proper interviewing methods are very important nowadays since the recruitment market became more candidate-driven and because nobody wants a bad hire obviously that can result loose of time, investment and negative feelings.

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