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How sales have transformed and how your business should adapt to the digital era.

Technology is changing dramatically the game of sales but some principles remain the same. If you are a business owner, is your decision to adapt or die.

Everybody in the business and sales industry can realise how much the game changed in the last decade but mostly in the last 5 years because of the technology. Before some years, having a skilled salesperson, with a good approach and knowhow would just land any customer. Nowadays things have changed. Skilful people are always needed but this is not just enough for your business anymore.

So, what are the big changes that technology has brought and what should your company’s move should be before is too late?

Every business needs an online presence to compete. Nowadays not many people go into a shop unprepared and start asking for advice on what to buy. Most people now do their research on mobile or pc long before they decide to make a purchase either online or go visit a physical store. Word of mouth is still a very important element for businesses and sales but guess what? Word of mouth is well applicable online. Social media, recommendations, testimonials, ratings are all helping potential customers in the decision making. Think for example how do you made your last hotel booking online. In addition searches like ‘near me restaurants’ or ‘nearby bookstores’ according to statistics work almost 50% of the time.

Many sales take place online now.

The truth is that physical shopping is still here and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Nevertheless online shopping is without a doubt a huge convenience for millions of people. The simplified process, the quick, easy and secure payment, fast delivery are things drive more people to shop online. After all we all look ways to save time. We know where the future is heading. Now think about the customer’s experience.Think for a while the scenario of you selling the same product with another retailer for almost at the same price. Now how are you going to differentiate your service or the overall customer experience? Similar to the physical experience you should make the online experience to be pleasant for the customer as well. Answering frequently asked questions or delivery to door are some versatile options, as they save time to both you and the customer. In addition, these kinds of mechanisms reduce costs. Thinκ ways of making a great online experience for your customers.

Consumers are now more informed than ever.

The modern consumer has now the opportunity to check reviews and form an opinion about your product or brand. Brands are exposed online. The good news is that every brand has the opportunity to respond to comments, interact with consumers and have an instant feedback on their experience or products. Brands are maybe more exposed than ever if they are online but they have more opportunities than ever to reach out customers. This is more of a huge advantage than a disadvantage.

Businesses can now target whoever they want.

The time when a business was waiting for a random passing by customer to enter the store has changed. Now businesses can advertise targeting specific audiences and this is something everybody should be doing. People are informed about new products or services and shop in a totally new way compared to 5-10 years ago.


Times have changed for sales, but this is for the favour of your brand. More and more companies have adapted to the new environment, many of them landing more customers than ever see their profits grow. The faster you transform your company’s sales tactics and customer approach under the online marketing strategy the more you will win. The train is already on track and going, will you hop on?


This article is based on the views of Brian Tracy (Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International) and his related video for