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Cyprus Company

Last day submission for Ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) for Cyprus Registered companies.

The 31st of July is the 2022 is the last day of the submission of the details of the Ultimate Beneficial Owners of Cyprus registered companies in the registry of all legal entities.

Please note that until 31st of July 2022 all new Partnerships registered to Cyprus companies registry have also the obligation to submit the UBO’s information to the Central UBO registry until the 31st of July.

The procedure.

The procedure for the information submission to the registry can be done through the Ariadni portal with the company profile and physical identification of the person to the Citizens Services Center and the Department of Registrar of Companies or via a certified profile on the Ariadni portal on behalf of the Company/Partnership that he/she is assigned.

Alternatively, the procedure can be completed by the accountant or the representative of the company in Cyprus with power of attorney.