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Signs of a great leader. The characteristics and mindset you need to develop.

High profile people with managerial or any kind of important positions in organizations have to have the respect of the co-workers, team and generally the people that they engage with. But respect as we know is not handed to people but has to be won. Maybe you have the respect of your close colleagues for the way you treat people and do business, but still there are many other characteristics that define a true leader in the tough modern business world. According to and the author Jacqueline Whitmore, the below behaviors and characteristics will bring respect to yourself.



We ought to be kind every day at all times to people around us at work, family, friends and the salesperson at the local grocery. Sounds easy right? Think about though how easy we can get off the line because we have so much in our head, we are stressed about something and we could possibly be not so friendly to a stranger. While we demand respect for our self, the same happens to every other person. We should first respect the people around us showing our kindness and appreciation with even very small and simple acts like opening the door to a stranger, giving away our spot on the line and say thank you more often. Show more appreciation and respect to small things.


Respect in communication.

We have to respect to the one communicating with us and avoid being rude while someone is talking to us, looking on our phone or interrupting him all the time. Invest in creating solid connections with people based on so good and respectful communication. Listen carefully what others want to say even if you don’t agree with them. Listen to them carefully just like how you would like to be heard.


Good listener.

This characteristic again has to do with communication with others. Being a good listener is very important. Listen to what others have to say very carefully. One of the most usual issues for good communication is because the listener instead of concentrating in the words of the other side, occupies his mind to prepare his answer. What we would suggest is, instead of focusing on your own words, ask more in order to realize the issue and the concerns of the other side. When you are a good listener other people feel more important and that their opinion matters.


Useful and helpful.

Is well known that people who have the respect of others is usually those who in every chance they help or try to help others in need. You should try to help people and colleagues without being asked even with minor acts. Take the initial and make it a habit to help people whenever possible. People appreciates and be sure that some of them will return a favor back.


No excuses.

Our actions are based on our choices. Every time. Sometimes we might encounter a difficult, bad situation but there is no reason for excuses and complaining. We have to take all the responsibilities. Maybe you missed a deadline, maybe something went wrong. Most probably the mistake happened because you wasn’t prepared enough or you haven’t prepared your time properly, or was not focus enough. Maybe the rest of the team has responsibility as well, but a true leader always has to take the responsibility. Complaining or blaming others for the bad results doesn’t lead anywhere. It actually make things worse for the rest of the team. You have to accept the mistakes of others but also you own. Forget, forgive and focus on how to fix things up, or the next challenge for you and your team. Be always ready to encounter mistakes.


Leave anger behind.

Being angry for something will only hurt your energy and your performance. Let yourself be angry and take it out loud if you feel like but after you have to let it go and forgive. You will have to face the issue again and try to solve it but complaining and being angry will not help the situation. Everybody does mistakes. Accept mistakes and leave them behind so you will be fully focused and positive to new challenges.


Willing to change.

Being selfish will not take you anywhere. Staying at one spot resting will leave you behind. Realize that the process to become better needs sacrifices. Be open to change and to accept any kind of new challenges. Always try to get better no matter what. Learn new skills, start new activities, make new connections, challenge and test yourself in new circumstances.