A brand-new online platform of the Tax Department for citizens, businesses or representatives in Cyprus.

The new tax portal, announced by the Tax Department in July 2020, is an online tax tool for citizens and businesses, as well as their representatives, such as accountants and business services providers. On the new platform every tax payer can be informed about debts towards the Department, Submit his/her income tax, temporary tax, withholding taxes and pay through the system.

Some of the advantages that characterize this project such as, direct access to tax debts and payments made to the Department, registration of taxpayers with the ability to automatically calculate charges and interest and reduce errors, payment via online banking (internet banking) , but also overdue debts (including interest and charges), travel restrictions and time savings.


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Soon, with the addition of other services, the new Tax Portal in its complete form will be the central point of electronic service for every taxpayer. Visit taxportal.mof.gov.cy and enter the passwords you use to access the TAXISnet system.

Note that tax payments from September 1, 2020 will only be made electronically. The existing Provincial Tax Collection Offices will not be operational from this date onwards.

Here you will find the user guide of the platform in English.