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The best 200 startups in the world.

In a fast moving business world everything is in constant change. The technologies, the trends and the need of the people face radical changes year after year, month after month. This phenomenon goes for some years now and is expected to continue of course.

Successful entrepreneurs usually have an instinct and can read the pulse of the times, can understand the needs of people, the new trends and movements. Then they invest or create companies and products based on their views on the future. The report we refer to is a research on the 200 most successful startups at this time. Kempler Industries has prepared an infographic and a survey based on the Startup Ranking table.

Below we can see what the trends are in the Startup ecosystem, picturing the needs of the people are at this time. We also have a real view from where most of the startups are born and developed. If you are and entrepreneur or business man with an idea or a company, studying this table will give you a good picture of what is going around the startup world at this moment.

Which are the most usual sectors startups operate? How do most startups help?

The study categorizes companies according to the service they provide.

Search-Find services: 21% of the startups on the list aim to help users to find products, services around the digital all over the world.

Organization and efficiency: 9% of the startups are providing tools to help users and companies become more organized, efficient and work faster.

Reading and news: 7% is about providing news, blogs and general reading for various interests.

Creativity: 7% of startups help people create easier and more efficient stuff. Like photos, effects, banners, gif, pdfs etc.

Education: 6% are focusing on educating users on special industries and sectors. Here we find educative application for kids, language learning, code learning and many more.


best startups


Which countries create and host most of the startups?

The list as we already mention contains the 200 best startups.

  • USA is the first on the list with 72 startups.
  • India is the birthplace of 13 startups.
  • Canada is third with 10
  • Japan and Spain have 8 startups on the list
  • Indonesia with 8
  • France and Russia have 6 own 6 startups
  • Australia, Germany, Israel, Sweden and UK follow with 5 startups each on the list.


To give you a taste of the list, see below the first 20 startups according to the Startup Ranking. Check the list and make your own conclusions on the trends and the demands of our times.

1. Airbnb – Find, host, accommodation

2. Uber – Transportaion-find

3. Medium – Publications,reading

4. 500px – Photo content sharing

5. Hootsuite – Orranization, efficiency, content sharing

6. 9GAG – Content sharing

7. Giphy – Find and creation of content

8. Buffer – Organization and efficiency, sharing of content

9. Quora – Find, search for answers

10.Prezi – Creating of presentation

11.Slack – Internal communication

12.Zendesk – Website customer communication

13.Canva – Cretaion, graphics

14.Wetransfer – Transfer of big data

15.Fivver – Purchase of any service

16.Big Commerce – Online shop creation

17.WeChat – Chat and social communication

18.Stripe – Online transactions

19.AngelList – Work and invest in startups

20.Duolingo – Education, language learning


Find the complete infographic here and more on the survey.

Remember that founding a great startup requires a long and detailed learning of the current trends but also and deep learning of the user and his needs. Being a user yourself will help you understand and identify all the threads and opportunities when building a new product.