Sectors that can revitalize Cyprus economy

Despite the diversification of the Cypriot economy in recent years, it’s now technically in a recession. As a result, the government needs to invest in industries to help the economy grow once more.

labour legislation cyprus

All companies operating in Cyprus are obliged to adhere to the employment legislation of Cyprus.

beneficial owner register

The Cyprus Anti Money Laundering  Law 188(I)/2007 has been recently amended for the purposes of introducing into local law the provisions of the 5th AML Directive 2018/843.

cyprus company annual levy date

An extension has been given on the payment of company annual levy of Cyprus registered companies.

main types of cyprus companies

What type of Cyprus company do you need? There are different types that fit to various purposes and operations.

The bank account opening in Cyprus for business purposes is something bothering many entrepreneurs wishing to move their operations in the country.