company re-domiciliation

Many countries allow foreign companies to change their jurisdiction of incorporation. This kind of legislation permits the “re-domiciliation” of a company, meaning changing the "seat of incorporation" into or out of the jurisdiction.

shipping in Cyprus

Cyprus offers various incentives and advantages to ship owners, ship managers and companies based on tax exemptions and the tonnage tax system.

labour and social insurance in Cyprus

What are the obligations and rules of employment in Cyprus? The basic employment legislation that is applied for emplyers, employees and self-employed workforce. Minimum wage, working hours, holidays and social security system.

auditor wanted cyprus

We make the coffee, you do the magic! Auditor wanted. We are looking for a professional who is ready to build a career with us and become a valuable asset for our firm in the future.

cyprus company

In the this inforgraphic, we demonstrate all the relevant information regarding, the basic characteristics, the procedure of forming a Cyprus company, the documentation and time needed.

business incorporation cyprus

How entrepreneurs and investors can establish legal entities, companies, partnerships, european companies, branch overseas companies in the republic of Cyprus.