annual company fees Cyprus

Cyprus company formation is an easy a fast procedure. But what are the annual fees to the Cyprus government – Cyprus Registrar Department?

Holding company in Cyprus

There are many reasons foreign corporations or entrepreneurs take the decision to form a holding company in Cyprus. Here we sum up the 8 most important reasons why they decide to form a holding company in Cyprus.

Cyprus company losses carried forward

The tax loss occurred after a tax year and which cannot be set off against other income is carried forward subject to conditions and is set off against the profits of the next five years.

intellectual property holding in Cyprus

For many years now Cyprus is attracting various Intellectual Property Rights companies for all over the world due to the security provided in addition to the important tax exemptions on income tax arising from the use of IP rights.

business in Cyprus

The high level of business services come to support the attractive Tax regime along other business friendly mechanisms. In Cyprus is easy and fast to setup a company and operate in 8 days.

Cyprus shipping companies tax

A well established maritime infrastructure one of the most developed in Europe. The Cyprus ship registry is one of the two “open” registries within the European Union and is estimated that holds the 15% of the total merchant fleet in the region.