steps to successful startup

This journey is going to be tough. Mistakes will be made. That is fine. You have to be prepared and make less mistakes. Trial and error is a great way to learn, but having a path to follow until launch is a must strategy to success.

Cyprus citizenship scheme

The Cyprus citizenship acquisition is one of the fastest procedures available and usually takes six months to completion. The passport holder can then benefit from various advantages such as free travel to 180 countries, free move of capital, live and work under the umbrella of EU.

emotional energy at work

How your employees feel about your company or when they come at the office in the morning is the key to excel and perform at high levels. Having employees that work with a sense of pride for what they are doing will take the business to the next level.

cyprus company

In the this inforgraphic, we demonstrate all the relevant information regarding, the basic characteristics, the procedure of forming a Cyprus company, the documentation and time needed.

successful hiring

Proper interviewing methods are very important nowadays since the recruitment market became more candidate-driven and because nobody wants a bad hire obviously that can result loose of time, investment and negative feelings.

business in Cyprus

Many international businesses are relocating in Cyprus to setup a company, a branch, a holding company or other structures like partnerships and trusts. There are many factors that make Cyprus an attractive environment for doing business.