cyprus tax resident

Every physical person who settles in the republic has to obtain a Cyprus Tax Identification Number. The acquisition of Cyprus Tax Identification Number is a simple process and usually takes 1-2 days to completion.

holding company

Cyprus Holding companies ensure the reduction of risk for owners and can provide simultaneously the ability of ownership and control on other companies. Cyprus is one of the most favorable destinations for the forming of Holding in Europe for many reasons.

cyprus company formation

The local tax legislation along with the simplified procedures make the Cyprus company a very attractive base to operate. Cyprus is a home for some international colossal companies as well as for new startup due to the incentives announced in 2017.

A bad cash flow management is the number one reason the companies fail. In this article we provide some ideas to implement and save some money in order to achieve an organic growth.

Why a Trust is very important mechanism in a successful tax planning. Learn also about International Cyprus Investment Scheme.

Cyprus tax applies some exemptions on the income tax for physical persons thus making the country an attractive destination for professionals and entrepreneurs willing to operate from Cyprus.