good leader

Respect as we know is not handed to people but has to be won. There are many characteristics that define a true leader in the tough modern business world.

cyprus tax resindent

Become a Cyprus tax resident in 60 days. Individual tax incentives and advantages.

cyprus passport

For wealthy individuals CY passport offers business opportunities, tax advantages, a gateway to a different lifestyle, opportunities to work or travel around the world without any restrictions.

cyprus personal tax

Cyprus personal tax regime is one of the most attractive in Europe. Professionals, entrepreneurs and salaried people consider Cyprus as their tax residence for the advantages of the local personal tax.

business incorporation cyprus

How entrepreneurs and investors can establish legal entities, companies, partnerships, european companies, branch overseas companies in the republic of Cyprus.

invest in startups and innovation

Investors willing to invest in innovative startups in Cyprus, now have a good reason to do so. Tax exemptions and various other incentives apply.