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Possibilities are everywhere. Identify, plan, execute.


In a hostile business environment, your company is facing everyday challenges that have to be overcome. The aim is not only to be competitive but also to be ahead of your competitors.  KTC’s professionals have expansive experience in various industries and can provide strategic advice, point out issues and help you unlock the full potential of your business. The possibilities are endless when you work with KTC. We work with you to identify, create and execute the right tailored made plan for your business.

Our team is able to provide you with the following advisory services:


  • Internal Audit Services

    Our Internal audit services range from assessing the current internal audit function and process, to the full design, implementation and on-going operation function.
    KTC will guide and work with you in setting up an internal audit department and adopting an appropriate risk management framework. The main objective is to set up a framework for identifying and assessing risk and control weaknesses.  We will also offer assistance in setting up an Audit committee and introduce a focused risked based audit methodology to drive down costs.
    We will also assist companies in reducing their full time internal audit resources by providing tailored made sourcing solutions which include: both full and partial outsourcing services of the internal Audit function.

  • Corporate and Business Strategy

    KTC team can perform a strategic review and assessment of the Company’s position in the value chain; perform an internal review of the Company’s strengths and weaknesses.  A corporate plan can be created to guide the team.  We can help with KPI’s and dashboards and in their communication so that high levels of alignment between departments can be achieved company wide.

  • Financial Advisory

    Under financial advisory we offer effective solutions to companies competing in the local and international market place.  The services offered include business plans and feasibility studies, business restructuring and raising of finance, road show presentations, valuations and fair value opinion.

  • Transaction Support

    KTC team will offer consulting to companies when entering into corporate deals; our single is to maximize the return of the deal.  We can offer valuation services, offer negotiations support in buyouts and merger and acquisitions, perform due diligence procedures and prepare due diligence reports, prepare accountants reports in line with international Financial Reporting Standards and Cyprus stock exchange regulations.

  • Financial due diligence

    The KTC team will rely on reliable and proven financial analysis to support suggestions and decisions. The team can help identify hidden value and highlight separation issues. The analysis will identify business, financial reporting and liquidity risks.

  • IFRS conversion services

    The conversion from national accounting frameworks to IFRS is much more than just an accounting exercise. It is a complex project that involves the whole of the organisation in different ways.
    At KTC we can help in designing a tailor-made conversion project. We will manage the whole process; from the planning phase, assist on its full implementation and continue to be involved until the post-implementation review is complete. Such services include readiness assessment, assistance with changes to reporting systems and training activities.

  • Purchase Price Allocation Process

    The requirements of IFRS 3 Business Combinations focus significantly on the phase of an acquisition known as the purchase price allocation process.  The standard requires that entities identify and determine the fair value of intangible assets as well as estimating the fair value of onerous contracts and the contingent liabilities acquired.

  • Embedding IFRS into Everyday Business

    At KTC we offer support after the first-time adoption of IFRS. The in-depth knowledge of our professionals on key areas and implications of IFRS can be drawn upon to meet specific needs, whatever stage of the transition process has been reached.  As new standards and interpretations are issued, we address the implications early and provide guidance on the effect to businesses.  We also address issues to the IASB and IFRIC in case of comments to Exposure Drafts and discussion papers.

  • Business Review

    Independent business reviews and analysis of recovery options available for troubled businesses. The review will examine the impact of the option on its lenders and shareholders.

  • Business Turnaround

    Design and deployment of turnaround strategies based on a solid financial review in order to assess the troubled business with short term and long term liquidity objectives.

  • Corporate Restructuring

    KTC team will design or re-design the Group legal and organisational structure aligning them with the business operations and objectives, introducing agility and improving the Group structures tax efficiency.

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