In case you have a corporation that is operating under the supervision of another accounting firm or services provider and you are interested a transfer to our firm, there is and paperwork that are needed for the transfer to take place. Our accounting and advisory department suggest that we schedule a meeting to discuss and guide you in order to achieve a smooth and faster transition towards your benefit.

Documentation needed to transfer your company to our firm from another services provider.

  • All statutory registers including directors, secretaries, members, charges and debentures and minute books (for shareholders and directors) etc
  • Corporate certificates issued by the Registrar of Companies in Cyprus
  • Share certificates issued to date (cancelled or otherwise)
  • All instruments of transfers of shares to date
  • All officers acceptance of appointment and resignation letters to date
  • All declarations of trust in existence and deeds of dissolution of trust
  • The constitutional documents of the Company (Memorandum and Articles of Association) and any amendments to the same
  • Copies of all agreements to which the Company is party in existence or otherwise
  • All powers of attorney issued by the Company to date whether cancelled, revoked in existence or otherwise
  • An Incumbency Certificate issued by the Secretary of the Company
  • The Company’s Financial Statements audited or otherwise
  • All filing forms submitted to the Registrar of Companies to date including Annual Returns and filing receipts as proof of filing
  • Registrar’s receipt as confirmation of payment of the Annual Company Levy
  • All board and shareholder resolutions from the date of incorporation to date
  • The Company’s rubber stamp and common seal
  • KYC documents on the Company’s current directors, secretary and shareholder (and if applicable the ultimate beneficial owner)
  • Any other relevant documents.