Cyprus Citizenship via the Cyprus Investment Programm.

A non-European national investing in Cyprus has the opportunity to obtain Cyprus citizenship.

Our firm with years of experience and knowledge in Cyprus legal and financial frameworks offers Immigration services to international clients willing to invest in Cyprus and enjoy all the benefits of european citizen. This allows the applicants and family to travel freely around European countries without any restrictions and many other benefits when residing in Cyprus.

Cyprus has one of the most attractive Citizenhip Schemes in the world. Cyprus is chosen as a residence from investors around the world for both business but also lifestyle purposes.

Why Cyprus citizen?

  • Freedom of movement around the word
  • Business and trade center
  • Low corporate tax 12.5%
  • Dual citizenship opportunity
  • Tax exemptions
  • Great investment opportunities in various sectors
  • Safe country for a family
  • 340 days of sun yearly
  • High level of education
  • Some of the best beaches in the world

 Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance. Learn more about the Cyprus Investment Programme in the respective section.

Cyprus Permanent Residency Program

Live, travel, study with the family in Cyprus.

The Cyprus Permanent Residency Program, provides the applicant (non-EU citizen) and his family with various benefits such as the right and opportunity to relocate in the sunny country of Cyprus.
The scheme allows the applicant and three generations to gain the permanent residency. Spouse, dependent children and parents can be added on the scheme which includes a normal and a fast track procedure, where the permit can be issued in approximately two months. Download the guide below to find out more about this program.

Download the Cyprus Permanent Residence guide here.


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Greek Residency Program - Residency without Citizenship

The Greek visa program provides a five year residency visa after €250.000 investment in real estate in Greece. The visa can be renewed after five years procided the property is still owned by the applicant. The residence in the country is not mandatory but the applicants have the benefit to travel freely to European Union and Schengen countries. Children of the applicant under the age of 21 are eligible for visa as dependends.

Appicants can:

  • Travel around EU and Scengen countries without any unecessary delays and complications.
  • Families from Middle East and Asia can reside and are children are eligible to study in the EU.
  • Are not obligated to live in Greece within the 5 year period.
  • Apply for Citizenship after seven years.
  • Own a property anywhere in Greece including the beautiful islands.

After the completion of seven years of visa residency the applicant can apply for the acquiring of Greek Ciizenship. Investor is then eligible to even sell the owned property if he will.

Download the Greek Visa information guide here.