A wrong approach or bad calculations can literally take your product out of business. The pricing strategy requires a thorough research, calculations, consumer behavior examination and full break down of costs and labour. The best pricing strategy-method ensures that maximum profit is achieved.

Cyprus shipping companies tax

A well established maritime infrastructure one of the most developed in Europe. The Cyprus ship registry is one of the two “open” registries within the European Union and is estimated that holds the 15% of the total merchant fleet in the region. 

why compaanies fail

We live in a time where almost 95% of startups never make it to become a solid profitable organization. Many managers and company owners underestimate the importance of having long term winning and money making organization.

greek residency visa

The Greek government has announced recently the extension of the golden visa program, implementing new legal amendments for the interested third country individuals.

company re-domiciliation

Many countries allow foreign companies to change their jurisdiction of incorporation. This kind of legislation permits the “re-domiciliation” of a company, meaning changing the "seat of incorporation" into or out of the jurisdiction.

shipping in Cyprus

Cyprus offers various incentives and advantages to ship owners, ship managers and companies based on tax exemptions and the tonnage tax system.