The last few years international enterprises from various sectors have relocated and now operate under the European standards via Cyprus, enjoying security and at the same time attractive tax legislation.

company in cyprus

The advantages and disadvantages of doing business in Cyprus according to the report of the World Bank.

accounting and bookkeeping in cyprus

Incorporating a Cyprus Company is an easy and fast procedure, but what about the obligations regarding tax and statutory reporting?

What kind of partnerships are provided by Cyprus law and how they can be used. What is the procedure to for a Partnership in Cyprus?

redomiciliation of company

Many jurisdictions allow foreign companies to change their jurisdiction of incorporation. The legislation usually permits the transfer of a company's "seat of incorporation" into or out of the jurisdiction ‐ a process known as “re‐domiciliation”.

cyprus start up visa scheme

The program was launched to create jobs, promote innovation, research, develop the business ecosystem and support the economic development of the country. But how Cyprus Startup Visa helps and attracts foreign entrepreneurs?